Focus On Fabulous

About Michelle

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Michelle is an entrepreneur that shows great ambition, creativity, loyalty, and support to so many. When I originally met her, I thought she was just a photographer, but I quickly discovered that she is so much more.
She is extremely creative.
She is an author, a very creative photographer, founder and CEO of Focus of Fabulous, and a spiritual speaker.
Although she constantly works hard at the many facets of her businesses, Michelle still makes time for volunteering her services with local non-profits. She is dedicated to making others feel welcome and loved.
She demonstrates impressive professionalism and I feel confident in saying that she can handle any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.


Growing up the oldest of eight children, she was destined to be a leader, mentor, and motivator. She has lived in or traveled to all 50 states as well as the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico & has driven across Canada three times. 

She is an entrepreneur, artist, speaker, multi-award-winning, self-published author of eight books, & a national, multi-award-winning, published photographer. Her time spent at Ringling School of Art & Design proved to be the catapult to her creativity & has provided education, insight, & lessons she carries with her to this day. Michelle also served as an Air Force wife for over twenty years which has provided her with immense versatility & adaptability that she proudly returns to her clients. 

She has appeared through various engagements & platforms on the CW, several local & nationally syndicated radio stations, & podcasts sharing her positive outlook from Florida to Alaska. As well, her art & photography has been featured in numerous promotional campaigns, magazines, and calendars, & used on several album covers across the globe. 

Michelle is a transformation artist & the owner of Focus on Fabulous, a woman-owned company consisting of a quarterly digital and print publication, podcast on over 10 platforms, a creative photography business, a small business solutions team & a local connection meeting spot in Goose Creek – all of which help women in shine their light & make their impact on the world.

Her business, lifestyle, & genuine love of people resonate with an unyielding message of passion, victory & empowerment, healing & hope while focusing on the silver lining. As evident in her writings, her life, her photography, & the way she views the world one can clearly see she has a heart for serving others and exemplifies creativity.